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- 4-track -

Akira Ikeda Gallery, Berlin, Germany 05.06.2009 – 29.08.2009

4-track – recording (audio extract)

"5.9788 seconds" Inkjet print on paper, 200 x 350 cm. - photo Marcus Schneider, courtesy Akira Ikeda gallery <>x

Using dynamite a loud explosion was produced and consequently recorded as it moved over the distance of one Kilometer along the runway at the ex-soviet airbase Sperenberg, near Berlin. The Sound travelled away from its source and along a line of four successive microphones which in just under three seconds recorded the movement of the wave. The work desired to capture a moment in time, and to experience the repetition of this moment through space. For the exhibition, amongst other works, an Anechoic chamber was built to contain the recording which was played at 1 minute intervals on a continuous loop.