david edward allen

- pear tree -

Berlin, 2009 to present (ongoing)

2).P.bet.#1-2010-drawing-aftergraft i).P.pyr.#B-2010-drawing-aftergraft pyrusbetulifolia2-winter2014-15 4).P.bet.#1-2011-drawing-autumn

Four living individual wild pear trees. Two Pyrus Pyraster and two Pyrus Betulifolia. Over a period of many years branches from both of the two different species have been and will continue to be exchanged with each other; creating two sets of intermixed pairs. Using traditional techniques the young branches are cut from one tree and grafted directly onto another, where the living tissue naturally joins together and continues growing. To compose, with gradual process a sculpture directed in form by the trees own growth, the weather, soil, climate, and most violently the grafting process itself. The four trees were about five years old when the first grafting was done in March 2010. There are now 5 or 6 different grafts on each tree, in some cases with branches having moved from the original tree to their partner and back to the original. The growth and changes of the trees are being tracked by drawings and photographs. Providing a way in which to show the past processes and the multiple courses and parallel directions in form and shape and orientation, that each branch and tree could have possibly taken, against those which were actually taken.